pg3Browser, Nano WEB Browser pg3Browser - Nano Web Browser for the Linux Desktop

A quick and dirty Web Browser with Gtk3, Gtk3::WebKit2 and WebKitGTK.
Why ?
My Graphic Program GraphicMaiJi was using the UZBL Browser for Previews but it is deprecated.
Debian and other Distros throws it from the repository.
I found no lightweight Browser like UZBL, so i wrote my own.
pg3Browser is a minimalistic browser without gimmicks, especially for Web Developers and Previews.
pg3Browser stands for Perl Gtk3 Browser but it has limitations.
It is enough for galleries, animated pictures and normal surfing.

Jörg Döhring


WebKit Engine like Chrome, Chromium, Opera ...
Minimalistic browser GUI, no gimmicks just browsing.
Simple application.
Quick startup.
Developer Tools and WebGL are always on.
Hardware Acceleration switchable.
Back, Forward, Refresh, Home and History Buttons, URI Entry.
Storable History of the last 100 Links.
URI Entry for global and local sites or files and Google Search.
Show Uri Requests in the Status bar live.
Hardware Acceleration Status visible via Arrows in the Status bar.
GUI or Console usage.
Some keyboard shortcuts.
Multiple instances allowed.
Depends on Perl >= 5.18 and Perl/Gtk3, Gtk3::WebKit2, recommended Perl 5.34.

Perlcritic -3 inspected.

Freeware, Open-source.


02. Dec. 2017 - Added .. Automatically storable history of the last 100 Links/URLs, saved on exit. Some improvements.
04. Dec. 2017 - Added .. Switchable GPU Acceleration and WebGL for older hardware, default both off, state saved on exit.
08. Mar. 2023 - Rework . Change from Gtk3::WebKit (deprecated) to Gtk3::WebKit2. Acceleration and Developer Tools always on.
11. Mar. 2023 - Rework . Links with 'target= _blank' now opens a new browser instance, mouse over a link shows the uri in the status bar.
16. Mar. 2023 - Added .. New Functions and Shortcuts: unmaximize/maximize Window, New Window, Set Start Page, Clear Cache.
19. Mar. 2023 - Added .. Home Button, show Uri Requests in the Statusbar live.
22. Mar. 2023 - Added .. Open current URL in the default Browser, Hardware Acceleration always on.
23. Mar. 2023 - Rework . Hardware Acceleration now switchable for better experience. New Help-Site and Config Files.
24. Mar. 2023 - Rework . Help-Site and Config Files.


URLhttp(s)://domain.xyURL is starting with or without https:// e.g. '' or ''.
Local file/data/photo.jpgLocal file or directory is starting with a Slash or file:// e.g. '/data/pics/tux.jpg' or 'file:///data/pics/tux.jpg'
Google SearchType anything you are searching for.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
ctrl bGo Back
ctrl fGo Forward
ctrl rReload
ctrl xClear Entry
ctrl hHELP
ctrl iAbout
ctrl kKill History
ctrl mMaximize Window
ctrl uUnmaximize Window
ctrl nNew Window
ctrl oOpen current URL in the default Browser, if you have trouble with e.g. Youtube Videos or etc.
ctrl sSet current URL as Start Page
ctrl wClear Cache
Alt aHardware Acceleration: On ↑, Off ↓, On Demand ⇄. The Arrows show the Acceleration status in the bottom left of the status bar.
  The WebKit2 Engine is tricky, some Sites run better without Hardware Acceleration, others better with it. Changing the status is possible at any time.
Alt hGoto Start Page
Alt F4Quit
Type ...
pg3browser URLhttp(s)://domain.xy → e.g. 'pg3browser' or 'pg3browser'
pg3browser -hHelp
pg3browser -g 800x600 URLe.g. 'pg3browser -g 800x600'
pg3browser -g 800x600+50+40 URLWxH+X+Y URL
pg3browser /data/photo.jpgLocal file or directory is starting with a Slash or file://
pg3browser Google_Searchstringe.g. 'pg3browser jeydee'


The Easy Debian Package Way for all Debian based distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Mint etc.

Download the file.
Unpack the .zip file.
Open a console and change to the install_pg3browser directory. → cd install_pg3browser ↵
Read the instructions of the 00_Readme_First.txt file and follow them. → less 00* ↵

On Debian/Linux become root with su
and type:

bash ./01install_deb_pg3browser.bash

or on Ubuntu/Mint etc.

sudo bash ./01install_deb_pg3browser.bash

Important: Type 'bash' and not 'sh', because 'sh' is 'dash' on Debian. Dash is a subset of Bash.

Important: To eliminate a Bug on the Raspberry Pi 4 install: sudo apt install at-spi2-core ↵

That's it.
Now, start the Browser with 'pg3browser' or under the menu section Network/Internet.
Or start the Browser with your favorite page e.g 'pg3browser',
or with a specific geometry and page e.g. 'pg3browser -g 1400x800',
or with a local file e.g. 'pg3browser -g 1024x768 /data/develop/test.html'.

The Hard Way for all other linux/unix distributions.

Install the following Distribution Packages in this Order if it is not there.
Install yad
Install libipc-system-simple-perl
Install libmodern-perl-perl
Install libutf8-all-perl
Install libgtk3-perl   ... this is the Perl Gtk3 Wrapper
Install libglib-object-introspection-perl
Install gir1.2-webkit2-4.0
Install libgtk3-webkit2-perl
Install libmime-types-perl
Install libwww-mechanize-perl
Install libfile-path-tiny-perl
Install libfile-mimeinfo-perl

The Harder Way if one or more of the Perl Packages not present in your distribution.

Open a console, become root with su or type with sudo and install via CPAN.
Install with cpan -i or cpanm if there or via the Perl shell like this:
perl -MCPAN -e shell ↵
Inside the perl shell type .. for the missing Perl Modules.
install Modern::Perl ↵
install utf8::all ↵
install IPC::System::Simple ↵
install Gtk3 ↵
install Glib::Object::Introspection ↵
install Gtk3::WebKit2 ↵
install MIME::Types ↵
install WWW::Mechanize ↵
install File::MimeInfo ↵
install File::Path::Tiny ↵
quit ↵

Copy the downloaded file after unpacking 'pg3browser' to /usr/local/bin. → cp pg3browser /usr/local/bin ↵
and → chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/pg3browser ↵
Or copy to /usr/local/sbin or /usr/bin
If you want a menu entry, copy pg3browser.desktop to /usr/share/applications if there.
→ cp pg3browser.desktop /usr/share/applications ↵
If you want the icon for the desktop or menu, copy pg3browser.png to /usr/share/pixmaps if there.
→ cp pg3browser.png /usr/share/pixmaps ↵
That's it.
Now, start the Browser with 'pg3browser'
Or start the Browser with your favorite page e.g. 'pg3browser',
or with a specific geometry and page e.g. 'pg3browser -g 1400x800'.


  Installer for Debian / Ubuntu / Mint     MD5 Checksum: 20b3d9ba612d8c1b3b3c054f68fcaf47 ..   24. Mar. 2023
  pg3browser for manual installation     MD5 Checksum: f08efb8ef79c2433f06df37269565f72 ..   24. Mar. 2023

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